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Welcome to Carlie's Animal Relief Foundation

The Carlie Animal Relief Foundation (CARF) was started when Carlie, a beloved rescue, passed away from cancer.  Carlie's owner was fortunate enough to be able to afford the care needed for Carlie, throughout her life.  The foundation helps donate money towards medication and procedures for pets, whose owners need help caring for them.  CARF was founded to be sure all pets are able to have happy, healthy lives with their owners.

Feedback from Carlie's Foundation Pet Owners . . .

Kit Kat:  I would first like to thank Dr Dehnbostel, Dr Ringenbach, as well as the entire staff of The Animal Hospital of West Chester and those involved with Carlie's Animal Foundation.  The care provided for both Kit Kat and in many ways me as well, was nothing short of what has to be the best in the industry.  Everyone along the way was caring, sympathetic, and most importantly, HONEST.  Its a terrible feeling, looking at a pet you love so dearly, and feeling as though you are unable to provide the care he needs. I would feel sick at times, guilty that i couldn't provide the best care in the world for him.  Carlie's Animal Foundation, provided that care for my Kit Kat, my buddy, that he needed. As a full-time care taker for my mother who suffers from Alzheimer's, my resources mentally and financially were and are extremely scarce.  Carlie's Animal Foundation stepped in and stepped up to make both my life and the remainder of my buddy's life as stress free as the situation would allow.  I am forever grateful for the help and support of all involved.  

Carlie's Animal Relief Foundation is a non-profit organization that would not succeed without donations from generous people like you. Thank you for your support!

Our Mission:

Carlie's Animal Relief Foundation (CARF) helps local families in the Butler and Hamilton County, Ohio provide medical services to their pets due to financial limitations.